Ramona - Valley of the Sun


We Are No Longer a 2-Hour Drive from the Coast - try 40 minutes!

Ramona, historically and affectionately known as the “Valley of the Sun,” is an area of San Diego County that is often trivialized as a destination and more often than not is thought of as a town one has to drive through to get to Julian and their apple pie and snow. Now that State Rt 52 towards south San Diego intersects with Rt 67 outside of Lakeside and 56 practically connects with Rt 67 (Take Rt 56 over Hyw 15 where it turns into Ted Williams Pkwy, drive  to Twin Peaks Rd. and take a right, right on Espola Rd. which dead ends into Poway Rd. where you take a left and drive until it dead ends into 67 where you take a left which takes you right to Ramona’s Main Street) towards north San Diego, it is easy to get to Ramona.  There are all kinds of interesting shops, art galleries, antique stores and restaurants all situated next to Ramona Valley/Santa Maria Valley which is different than any of the other valleys near Ramona. 

We are here to tell you that Ramona has come of age and get the word out whyRamona is one of San Diego’s best-kept secrets. Ramona, which is about 40 miles from downtown San Diego and located at the foothills of the Cuyamaca mountains, is the fastest growing unincorporated area of San Diego. First inhabited by a semi-nomadic people, the Diegueno Indians, Ramona became the site for some of the largest turkey ranches in the world in the 1920’s. Today the ranching community in Ramona has become focused in the equestrian industry (boasts the largest population of horses in San Diego County) and wine-making and wine tasting (more than two dozen vineyards and wineries dot a landscape of dramatic boulders, rolling foothills and wide-open spaces) and has been recognized as an American Viticultural Area (AVA).  It turns out this valley, filled for a millennia with sands, clays and water washed down from the foothills of the Mount Woodson-Iron Mountain chain giving the valley great soil which is also a water-shed, produces award-winning wines!

There is something for everyone in Ramona from hiking and biking, equestrian trails, wildlife, Art and wine-tasting to Cruise Nights and interesting restaurants.  This website will give you an overview of what is in store for you if you stop in Ramona and plus the links and/or telephone numbers you need to get more details.



(This website is sponsored by 2Create Gallery located in Historic Downtown Ramona.  Every effort has been made to give accurate information.  Please let us know if we missed something or need to correct our information..email us at 2creategallery@gmail.com )

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“Ramona is much more than a town to

breeze through on your way to Julian”